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  • What's the best way to get in touch with someone about signing my kid up for Rookies?
    The best way to get in touch with someone about signing your child up for Rookies is to directly contact the gym either by phone or email or by filling out our contact form. Or you can sign up here!
  • How is Rookies different than other kids gyms?
    Rookies is different from other gyms because we focus solely on providing a fun and safe environment for children to engage in physical activity. Unlike traditional gyms that cater primarily to adults, our gym is designed for children ages 15 months to 12 years old. We offer a wide range of age-appropriate equipment, classes, and trained instructors who understand the unique needs of young bodies. Additionally, our emphasis on play-based fitness sets us apart from traditional gyms as we believe exercise should be enjoyable and engaging for kids. We also prioritize safety by implementing strict guidelines and protocols, such as proper equipment sizing and regular sanitation procedures. At Rookies, we strive to create a positive and inclusive space for kids to develop healthy habits and have fun while doing so.
  • Do you offer private parties?
    Yes! Private parties at Rookies are a blast! They are perfect for: Birthday Reunions Graduations End-of-season celebrations For details or to schedule, please send us an email at
  • How will Rookies help my child?
    At Rookies Fitness, we are dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for children. We offer a variety of programs and classes that cater specifically to the needs and abilities of young individuals. Our experienced coaches and instructors create a fun and engaging environment where kids can learn about exercise, proper nutrition, and overall wellness. Through our carefully designed fitness routines, we aim to boost children's physical strength, endurance, and coordination while also instilling in them valuable life skills such as discipline and teamwork. With Rookies Fitness, parents can rest assured that their child is receiving quality care and guidance towards a healthier future.
  • What is the policy for make-up classes?
    We recognize that unforeseen circumstances or health concerns can arise, requiring you to miss a class. To arrange a make-up session, please contact our General Manager, who will assist in scheduling you into one of our existing classes. Please note that make-up classes cannot be attended without prior arrangements with management. Additionally, make-up sessions must be scheduled within a month of the missed class and cannot exceed three make-ups per month.
  • What are the options for cancelling or putting my membership on hold?
    To process a cancellation or put your membership on hold, please contact our General Manager directly. For cancellations, a written notice is required to be submitted to the General Manager at least 30 days before the desired termination date. Failing to provide this 30-day notice will result in an additional month's fee being charged before your membership is terminated. Members have the flexibility to temporarily suspend their membership for up to two months each year. These months can either be consecutive or non-consecutive, depending on your preference. For medical reasons, this suspension period can be extended beyond two months as needed. Please note that a fee of $25 will be charged for each month your membership is on hold, unless the hold is due to an injury.
  • What should I do if my child is unwell?
    We recognize that illness can be unpredictable. If your child is experiencing any symptoms that could potentially impact others at our facility, we kindly ask that you keep them at home. Our priority is to build a community of healthy individuals, and we want to prevent the spread of illness among our students. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for everyone.
  • How long are the classes at Rookies?
    Each class is 45 minutes, providing the perfect amount of time for your child to engage and get a great workout!
  • How much are Rookie memberships?
    1 class per week $128/mo 2 classes per week $230/mo 3 classes per week $320/mo
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