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At Rookies, we want our facility available to our community. That's why we offer Turf Rentals during off hours.

Rent out our space for your child's next sports practice, birthday party or for an afternoon of active play with friends. Our experienced staff will be on hand to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about our rental options and pricing.

Turf Rental Hours:

Saturday and Sunday 3-10 pm
Monday 1-3 pm, 7:30 pm- 10 pm 

Tuesday 12 pm -2 pm, 8:30 pm-10 pm

Wednesday, 8:30 pm-10 pm

Thursday 1-3 pm, 8:30 pm-10 pm
Friday 8 am-2 pm, 7:30-10 pm

Crystal Salt

Ask us About Private Training at Rookies!

Our private training sessions offer personalized, one-on-one coaching tailored to meet the specific needs of each athlete. These sessions are designed to be sport-specific and age-appropriate, ensuring optimal development and performance improvement.

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